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Meet Anna Lassonde

Artist, Anna Lassonde enjoys working on murals, creating paintings and portraits on canvas, and teaching acrylic painting classes for people of all ages. Anna knew she was going to be an artist since she was a child and has practiced art to become where she is today. She also attended NDSU for a short time to learn new skills. She believes art is to be enjoyed by everyone at any?skill level and there is an artist inside of everyone! ?

She likes to paint in color and also a monochromatic black and white style with a splash of color. Lately her work has been portraits of the beautiful people of Lubango, Angola inspired from her latest trip.

In 2019 she had an opportunity to plan a Mural for a clinic in Lubango, Angola Africa. The mural was 120 feet long and about 9 feet tall. She planned out the concept and flew to Angola with a team of 10. Then coordinated the project with her team and invited the local community to participate. She was thrilled with the interest and welcoming response from the community! The mural is being replicated by local Angolan artists in downtown Lubango.

Anna lives rural by Detroit Lakes, MN with her husband Fred, and her two children. She has a small studio in her home and it is named Jollybird Studio. You may see her work on and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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